Tuesday Couch Potatoes

This movie is entitled Ghadjini. Ghadjini was the mortal enemy of Sanjay Sanghania the boyfriend of kalpana. Sanjay, Kalpana and Ghadjini are the main characters in this movie. Sanjay was a successful business man who fall inlove into a lower class but so very helpful girl named kalpana. Kalpana was the one who helped those children being kidnapped by ghadjini and his colleagues just to sell the their kidneys . After a long run of helping, Ghadjini was already hunting for kalpana because he want to have his revenge. And he is planning to let kalpana pay her being an intruder in his business which is selling the kidney of the children they kidnapped. This movie was such a great movie to inspire those people who are watching. A great movie compose of comedy, romance and action that shows excitement heartaches and fun. For those who haven’t watch this movie yet, better watch it now to experience the above mentioned hehe 😀


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