Friday Photo Flashback

🙂 hehe that was me before when I was 4Th year  high school…

This picture was taken on the 13Th of march 2010. We went to mayor’s office for an interview as a final requirement for our graduation. When I and my group mates arrived there at exactly 9am the mayor was not yet there. We could do nothing  but to wait. I brought with me my camera for the purpose of documentation. I noticed that my group-mates are so tired of waiting so i decided to take pictures for us to have fun. 🙂 “picture2x” really puts a smile  on our tired face hehe 😀

After a couple of minutes the mayor arrived. We successfully finished our interview. And we really had much fun during that day despite the fact that we are tired.  🙂

And now we are making moves towards our aspirations in life.


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