Life’s a Pen @ Work

Life’s a pen at work ..

As we all know Pencil is one of the most important and influential writings that explain the necessity for each individual. A simple object that we may not give much thought. But if we are going to reflect pencil into our life each one of us are just like pencils. A pencil has it’s ball point for us to write, it has it’s eraser on it to erase everything when messed up, and most importantly a pencil doesn’t work without it’s motivator or without someone who happens to have courage to write.

Just like us individuals we have our own ball point . . and that ball point is our being free .. free to write new chapters in our life if we want to. We have freedom to choose what life may bring to us in the future it’s just that we should write or do what’s best for us. We also have erasers .. erasers to erase our regrets.. but in life there is no such thing as eraser but instead it’s just coping-up from what happened yesterday and to make a brand new start for tomorrow. And most importantly just like pens we need to have motivator  in order for us to succeed. Those motivators are God , Parents and our Friends they are those who are willing to motivate us in order for us to achieve what is our aspirations in life.


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