happy :)

Last  class for the year 2011 🙂

I felt so very happy this day it’s because I received again a gift from my friend Christian and Leslie .. Christian gave me a medium size stuff-toy  which has a Christmas greetings on the tummy of it. And Leslie gave me a body spray which suits my type of smell very well. I didn’t expect that i’ll be given a Christmas gift. I felt so very thankful. So in-return I am planning to give the both of them some gifts to . .and  I  am now currently thinking of what shall I give them .. 😀

Another thing that made me happy this day was that around 11am in the morning I received a phone call from my father . He told me that he will be back home from work this coming Dec.22. It really made me feel so excited that i’ll be seeing him again. And I am looking forward that we will have a happy and complete Christmas this coming Christmas day. God is so amazing 🙂 he gave me many blessings in life and those blessing are my Family and Friends who are always there willing to help through good-times and bad-times. Life is so full of thrills we don’t know what will happen next day. If life brought us from despair of yesterday we should not lose hope for tomorrow’s another brand-new start with the guidance of God, Family and Friends 🙂


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