True essence of friendship:

Friendship is a form of interpersonal relationship generally considered to be closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations. Friendship and association are often thought of as spanning across the same continuum and are sometimes viewed as weaknesses.

Having a friend is a Gods gift. It is because God created another individual in order for us to live. A friend is another form of a family in which we can share those good happenings in our life, we can also share those burdens we are carrying through all these years.

The advantage of having a friend is that, if you are far away from your family, they could be a family to you. They were those persons who can understand and accept you as what you are just like how your family accepts you. Another thing is that, A friend can take good care of  you just like parents do. A friend can be a sister or a brother who will continue pulling you up whenever you feel so down.  And if  a certain hindrance in your life strikes, they were those who will  give you crazy advices just to put back  smile on your face. They can also keep secrets of yours as long as you have trust in them. They were those who will help you as long as they can.

But having a friend has disadvantage too ;

The disadvantage of having a friend is that, if you belong to a certain group of people in which they do bad things such as cutting classes and taking prohibited drugs they can be a bad influence to you.  They can be a reason for you to do some bad things too. They can be the reason for you not to take classes seriously and the most of all they can be the reason for you to be one of those drug addict individual. Another disadvantage is that if you have these very big trust within them through those secrets you’ve shared, it will be very hard for you to trust them again if they will spread those secrets of yours to others which is very confidential between the both of you.

Friendship is a very good relationship that long lasts if it will be used in good ways and not being abused. This is the best relationship that can never be paid of. The best relationship that satisfy every individual.


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