Awkward Moment

Have you ever been clumsy ? Have you ever tried to be looked by other people with the stupid things you didn’t mean to do?

Well that’s what happened to me exactly at this day. I woke up early in the morning at exactly 4;30 am to study my notes in order for me to be ready for our upcoming exam at 10:30 am. After studying I fixed my self to be ready for school. When our exam started I stared and read the questionnaire, I really felt so blessed because what comes out during the exam was exactly what I studied. After the exam, I feel very much grateful and relief because of the contentment of what  I answered. When the exam was totally over, me and my classmates decided to take our lunch. I left the school with satisfaction and happiness.

But the aura of being much grateful unfortunately changed. When we are about to eat our lunch, I was squeezing  a chili for sauce but then all of a sudden the saucer fell down and got broken. Because of the all out broken sound, it made those other students who are eating there stare at me. I messed up with the sauce. My uniform got dirty. One of the owner of the food chain helped me to clean those messed up things.  When it was already clean, me and my classmates started to eat. After finishing our lunch, we decided to go to my boarding house to have some rest and in order for me also to change my uniform for we will have a class at 1:30pm.  At 1:30 pm we arrived at school. After a long discussion of our professor the class ended up at exactly 3:00 pm.  When me and my friends was about to go home, because of the clumsiness of my bag me rather one of the  flowers pots in the school fell down and got broken again. Only those friends of mine saw what happened. I went back to put back the broken pot on its original position but then my friends told me that we will just ignore it because as what they’ve said they were only those who saw what happened. I left the school with guilt. My friends asked me of what’s happening to me. That awkward moment when all i can say is that i didn’t mean those stupid things to happen.


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