She knows Best :)

Being told to do something is not an easy thing. For all this years I am depending to the words of wisdom of my mother. She keeps on reminding me what to do to achieve my aspirations in life.Even engaging emotional feelings to others is so hard for me. I am not allowed to have any commitments even if I am in my legal age not until I finish my studies. Just friends. She told me that engaging any commitments can be a reason for failure. I can understand her because being in a relationship was the reason for my sister not to achieve her goals in life. My sister is now a mother. She got pregnant at early as eighteen years old. That’s what my mother is afraid of. She is afraid that I might do the same mistake again of what my sister has done. But I can say that I am too far different from my sister, I am a girl who is looking forward for what is good. But for the satisfaction of my mother I am not forcing any commitment even-though feelings are mutual. I could do nothing but to obey her.I don’t want to be a problem for my mother.For now I am enjoying life towards those person who made me happy each day.  I am just thinking that my mother’s knows what is best and she is just aiming for me to succeed. I know time will come that I’ll be my time by then.


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