Strange Feeling ..

Have you gone through not within previous experience?

        It all started when I utter Hi to such unfamiliar face during our class.My classmates wouldn’t be surprise if I do such thing with unfamiliar person, because it is really my habit to build friendship with those new ones.It is really not my intention to go beyond friendship.He is just a simple person who make me laugh because of his stupidity. What I like him the most is that he is being open-minded and can accept you for who you really are. He is not that kind of a person who will judge you by your past experiences in life.A kind of a person who will do everything just to help others if he can..

         At first he is just a friend for me. Nothing more, nothing less. But as days passed by, a continuous communication between the two of us is always there. I suddenly felt strange feeling  and I really don’t know of what’s the meaning of what I feel. Every-time he wont text me nor call me I keep asking my self if what did I do to make him do such thing.Sometimes I can conclude that I fell in-love, but there are also those times that I can say that it is just Infatuation. I really can’t understand of what I feel. All I can say is that I have this strange feeling for him that I can’t explain. And maybe someday soon I might know of what does this strange feeling means.


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