Too Late

When I was first year college I’ve been attracted to a guy named Philip. He was just a fantastic guy with talents and looks that made every girl liked him. I’ve been carried away by his personality. I am not dreaming to be one of his girl because I know he is out of my reach. Every time I saw him at school he made my plane day a fantastic one. I know everything about him. He loves color yellow which is one of my favorite color too. He loves to dance which is my passion also. We are the same with some aspects of my characteristics and likes.

Now, In my 2ndyr. level I am no longer attracted with him. Feelings changed. Last week I met him along the way. It was his first time to call me by my name . . . hi kath, kaw man diay nah .. aha ka paingon? I was shocked for that was the first time he noticed my existence. And most of all he knew my name. Dadto I replied. No more feelings.  What  befuddle my mind was that, why do people come when it’s already too late.


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