Danbo :)

This toy cardboard robot named Danbo was commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko, the creator of the manga character Yotsuba-chan who lives with her adoptive work-at-home dad, and whose happy-go-lucky adventures are recounted in the popular serial,Yotsuba.

DANBO is  a cute robot box. As far as I know, danbo  is originally a character form Yotsuba and manga. It’s a costume made for a school project, but Yotsuba believes that Danbo is an actual robot. This little robot can show a lot of different expressions and it’s possible.

DANBO  has emotions too. Danbo is somewhat like human-beings, a robot  with different feelings that make every person love’s to have him. Just like humans, danbo feels mental, emotional and spiritual feelings 🙂


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