for girls. .

A responsible girl ;

Her kisses are worth more than a party or a movie.

Her body  is a temple of God, not a plaything.

The first “no” may be difficult, after that i’s easy.

Virginity is still a virtue; lust is still a capital sin.

The way a girl dress, act, and speak may be a temptation to her boyfriend.

She should observe modesty for his and own protection.

Her parents have done so much for her. She wish always to be a credit to them.

Her boyfriend will be a husband and a father someday.

He must be a hero in the eyes of his wife and children.

She should do nothing to prevent that on her dates with him.

She will be a wife and a mother someday.

She should reserve her purity and affection for her husband and children.

If through her weaknesses, She will get pregnant, She should not

take “the easy way out” by killing her unborn child.


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