awful thing :'(

It hurts to know that he could not just accept what’s within the both of  us. Being with this kind of situation is not that easy. But can we just be satisfied of what is our standing right now? I know it’s hard to pretend in public that we are just plane friend when deep inside we have feelings for each other. I thought you understand everything . .  . I thought you understand my situation 😥  but why is it so hard for you to face the fact that we will just be like this right now. Why you need to decide those what you have uttered lately. Is it that easy for you to do what you have said? yea you do have a point . .  . if i will do what you have said maybe i’ll then find out of what i really feel for you. But my point here is that, the most important thing is we are here, we exist , feelings exist is just that sometimes I feel tired . . what’s wrong with you to decide like that ? Be careful of what you are trying to say. A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart, and  Words can never be taken back and hurt is an awful thing to carry around. YOU made my heart broken . .


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