They made me feel better

I end up to be in the hospital .. I was confined there for one day. Last February 23 After my class my best friend honey jane texted  me that we will meet. Unfortunately she didn’t came ..  I end up alone in the place where we should meet.. It feels so boring and I thought of watching movie with someone.  He then came up to see me . After watching, I went to the boarding house to make my report for the following day and to have some  rest for the long day was over.  But all of the sudden I feel  very cold and my body starts to tremble. I don’t know what happened to me. Nobody was there my board-mates  was out to have some dinner. I was the one left alone. I don’t know what to do. When I slowly feel better I then sleep. For the following day I feel better but after eating my meal my body starts to tremble again. I really dont know what to do because what I feel the other day was becoming stronger. My boardmates don’t know what to do. They got panic so they send me to the hospital. They then told my parents of what happened to me. So my parents went over to the hospital to visit me if im ok. After seeing them I totally get better. The doctor gave me some medicine to take in order for me not to feel that again. Being by the side of my parents make’s me feel real better.


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