Farewell :)


Goodbye are not forever, Goodbye are not the end. They simply mean l’ll miss you Until we meet again ma’am .. After 5months I am very thankful for I learned a lot from you.I respect the time I spent with you during our school hours. I loved the way you made us study and also I appreciate the knowledge you shared with us.This is to bid a farewell to you on our last day. I all remember our first day to school, when you familiarized the rules to us.Those Blog, HTML, Excel and many more are an example of the things I have learned from you. Honestly saying ma’am I don’t know how I have grown a lot from this subject. Because lately I really don’t know how to handle those things, how to make it my own way, But then now here I am. I already knew those things which at first very impossible to me.I just realized that for whatever difficulties in life if we just keep holding on we can deserve to have better outputs of learning’s. With the help of you and those persons who contributed knowledge to me with this subject I knew I really have much improvements.

I amply owe you ma’am for being so patient, kind and a good instructor to your students. May you continue sharing those talents and knowledge you have. For your new born baby hope to see him someday hehe 🙂 Take care always ma’am. More blessings to come within your family. GodBless you and I will miss you.

“The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.”  ~Dan Rather



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