yesterday’s homily ..

After my exam yesterday I decided to go to church to let my soul be enlightened by the words of God. I went their with someone. We together hear the words of God. I was surprised by the priest’s homily, the priest said; “Even how many times a person can hurt you, you must be ready enough to forget what was he/she has done. You should not look him/her by his/her mistake it will only add burden to your life. You must reminisce  the past happy moments with that person who hurt you. You should look back what are the good things he/she has done unto you.You should forgive and forget, you never know when your life end. You should cherish the time given to you by God. You must not spend your time by fighting with someone”. that homily inspires me because sometimes I only look with those mistakes not with the good thing a person has done to me. I was being enlightened. The homily really make’s my outlook in life new. Thank’s be to GOD 🙂


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