awful thing :'(

It hurts to know that he could not just accept what’s within the both of  us. Being with this kind of situation is not that easy. But can we just be satisfied of what is our standing right now? I know it’s hard to pretend in public that we are just plane friend when deep inside we have feelings for each other. I thought you understand everything . .  . I thought you understand my situation 😥  but why is it so hard for you to face the fact that we will just be like this right now. Why you need to decide those what you have uttered lately. Is it that easy for you to do what you have said? yea you do have a point . .  . if i will do what you have said maybe i’ll then find out of what i really feel for you. But my point here is that, the most important thing is we are here, we exist , feelings exist is just that sometimes I feel tired . . what’s wrong with you to decide like that ? Be careful of what you are trying to say. A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart, and  Words can never be taken back and hurt is an awful thing to carry around. YOU made my heart broken . .


for boys . .

A responsible boy;

The Parents of his girlfriend place their trust to him. He should not violate it.

He should respect  his  girlfriend as he respect his sister.

He should respect womanhood because his mother is a woman: He should ask his girlfriend to do nothing He would be ashamed of, if his mother will find out.

His  girlfriend has given him the honor and pleasure of her company. It is wrong for him to expect more in payment for his date.

His Girlfriend will be a wife someday. She must be an example to her children and the pride of her husband. He must help her to be pure and decent as he want his wife to be.

Manhood means strength of character as well as body. Lack of self-control is a sign of weakness. He should let his girlfriend  know that he is manly.

GOD is everywhere, sees everything, knows everything. Darkness may hide him from people, but it cannot hide him from god.

If through his lack of  self-control, He will get a girl pregnant, He  must not pressure her  to kill their unborn child.

for girls. .

A responsible girl ;

Her kisses are worth more than a party or a movie.

Her body  is a temple of God, not a plaything.

The first “no” may be difficult, after that i’s easy.

Virginity is still a virtue; lust is still a capital sin.

The way a girl dress, act, and speak may be a temptation to her boyfriend.

She should observe modesty for his and own protection.

Her parents have done so much for her. She wish always to be a credit to them.

Her boyfriend will be a husband and a father someday.

He must be a hero in the eyes of his wife and children.

She should do nothing to prevent that on her dates with him.

She will be a wife and a mother someday.

She should reserve her purity and affection for her husband and children.

If through her weaknesses, She will get pregnant, She should not

take “the easy way out” by killing her unborn child.

patience . .

 Patience is  the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.

Difficulties in life is a normal thing for us. In living life, it is not that we should be always happy. According to a friend of mine, life is full of surprises which comprises ups and downs. With those “ups” we are motivated to do much more in order for us to keep up possible good outcomes. On the other hand, with those “downs” also know as failure, there are those persons who will catch our burdens and encourage us to do better for the attainment of what we want.

Life is full of circumstances, it’s just that we should be willing to fight for what is good and to do better for someday what we have sacrifice for now will make perfect sense in the future.

Lets live life with patience, courage and hope to fulfill everything we aim to have . .


Danbo :)

This toy cardboard robot named Danbo was commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko, the creator of the manga character Yotsuba-chan who lives with her adoptive work-at-home dad, and whose happy-go-lucky adventures are recounted in the popular serial,Yotsuba.

DANBO is  a cute robot box. As far as I know, danbo  is originally a character form Yotsuba and manga. It’s a costume made for a school project, but Yotsuba believes that Danbo is an actual robot. This little robot can show a lot of different expressions and it’s possible.

DANBO  has emotions too. Danbo is somewhat like human-beings, a robot  with different feelings that make every person love’s to have him. Just like humans, danbo feels mental, emotional and spiritual feelings 🙂

She knows Best :)

Being told to do something is not an easy thing. For all this years I am depending to the words of wisdom of my mother. She keeps on reminding me what to do to achieve my aspirations in life.Even engaging emotional feelings to others is so hard for me. I am not allowed to have any commitments even if I am in my legal age not until I finish my studies. Just friends. She told me that engaging any commitments can be a reason for failure. I can understand her because being in a relationship was the reason for my sister not to achieve her goals in life. My sister is now a mother. She got pregnant at early as eighteen years old. That’s what my mother is afraid of. She is afraid that I might do the same mistake again of what my sister has done. But I can say that I am too far different from my sister, I am a girl who is looking forward for what is good. But for the satisfaction of my mother I am not forcing any commitment even-though feelings are mutual. I could do nothing but to obey her.I don’t want to be a problem for my mother.For now I am enjoying life towards those person who made me happy each day.  I am just thinking that my mother’s knows what is best and she is just aiming for me to succeed. I know time will come that I’ll be my time by then.

Somethings are Best Left Unsaid

Saying something needs to be put up with mind and heart. We can never tell that all we are going to say is for what is best or for us to be the reason for a heartache of a person. It is easy to tell everything on what is in our mind. But lets just put those words within our mind first, if we think that those person is deserving enough for us to utter words then say it. But if it will just complicate everything then do what is best. Keep silence, best remedy for us not to hurt others feelings. Somethings are best left unsaid.

Strange Feeling ..

Have you gone through not within previous experience?

        It all started when I utter Hi to such unfamiliar face during our class.My classmates wouldn’t be surprise if I do such thing with unfamiliar person, because it is really my habit to build friendship with those new ones.It is really not my intention to go beyond friendship.He is just a simple person who make me laugh because of his stupidity. What I like him the most is that he is being open-minded and can accept you for who you really are. He is not that kind of a person who will judge you by your past experiences in life.A kind of a person who will do everything just to help others if he can..

         At first he is just a friend for me. Nothing more, nothing less. But as days passed by, a continuous communication between the two of us is always there. I suddenly felt strange feeling  and I really don’t know of what’s the meaning of what I feel. Every-time he wont text me nor call me I keep asking my self if what did I do to make him do such thing.Sometimes I can conclude that I fell in-love, but there are also those times that I can say that it is just Infatuation. I really can’t understand of what I feel. All I can say is that I have this strange feeling for him that I can’t explain. And maybe someday soon I might know of what does this strange feeling means.